Rich I Am

The Unforgiving Loan Shark

I was reading in Matthew 18 and realized how applicable the parables of Jesus are today. The parable basically talks about a dude who owes millions and is forgiven that debt by the King. The dude then turns around and physically threatens another dude who owes him a few thousand. This is just like todays generation. We have been forgiven daily by the King of Kings but yet we walk around like we are owed some kind of debt. We think since we are Christians we can act like we want and we deserve God to take care of us. Lets get our heads out of our butts and realize that we here because of grace and we deserve death but have been given life. Live like royalty but walk with humilty.

An Apathetic Generation

I have to wonder why this generation is so different then when I grew up…I have never seen a generation more comfortable in their apathy..they keep one hand in the world and the other on Christ…the Bible says you can not serve two masters Matthew 6:24… I wish they would open up their eyes and see you can not play with sin..u can not ride the fence.. God will not be mocked…You can not openly post sin in your life and expect God yo be apart of it as well..This generation has more potential than any other but instead are too comfortable on the fence of conformity to be anything for Christ..


I was challenged last night by a fellow believer that we need an awakening. He said that God told him to read through the Bible in 90 days and that God told him to start today Tuesday Feb. 1. He encouraged those who want an awakening to start this journey with him. He (Brandon) would put the scriptures on his facebook page and all we had to do was follow along with him. He felt God wanted him to start in the Gospels, so I am going to do it and I challenge anyone reading this to join me. I am ready for God to stir and break my heart all over again. I am going to post whatever he post onto my facebook so you can follow along and read. Thank love you all. I am stillign a quote from a great man of God. Lets Love like Jesus and Smell like Sheep.

The Reason I Am Here

I am reminded of the reason I wanted to get a psychology degree in the first place. The intriguing and challenging aspect of why people think what they think. I think everyday about why people are the way they are. What can I do to help people who struggle in a way that medicine can not help them? What can I do to “save” them? The superman complex. I believe it is the reason why so many people do what they do. The reason that firemen rush into a burning building or police officers jump in front of a bullet. We as humans, especially as men, find this desire to be heroes. I feel as though this is my reason for pursuing a field of psychology. I feel that God is going to use me despite of myself. I need to recognize that I am not the reason for anything that I will become. I am need of Christ if I am to be the hero that He has called me to be. One day I will be stepping into children and families lives. The only way I can be any help to them is to recognize that I am nothing without Him. So…this is where I begin…doing everything I can to establish a mindset in which I am ready to tackle the future that God has given me. It is time to become completely His. No exceptions..No excuses..